Our Mission: Simplicity & Efficiency

At Sheen Dental Laboratory, we aim to make your job as dental practitioners easier. Our highly-trained team are passionate about creating quality dental pieces in a fraction of the time you'd expect. Over our years of operation, we've invested  into our state-of-the-art laboratory, so that practitioners like you can help your patients get their smile back that much faster.

The Problem

High quality dental prosthetics are widely available, but production could take weeks. Oftentimes, dental pieces like crowns and bridges are even outsourced to labs in countries across the world. While you might be able to wait, your patient is waiting too. We know that getting their smile back boosts confidence, excitement for life, and mental health. That's why we've created our U.S.-based lab that does it better.

How We Solve It

Our laboratory in Dunedin, FL is appointed with all of the best software and equipment which have the ability to create prosthetics up to five days faster than our competitors. Our process is simple: communicate, create, deliver

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